My 2 times Great Grandmother Olive Bennett (daughter of Hugh Booth)

This site is the output from a number of years work, not just by me but also by a number of collaborators. It is totally ongoing with regular updates. It is used to communicate not just my family, and my wifes, but also families of cousins, however distant.

My fathers ancestry is primarily from farming and related industries.

My mothers family are mainly made up of people working in the various industies of Liverpool related to shipping and the movement of goods.

My father in laws ancestors are primarily miners and stonemasons originating in Staffordshire.

My mother in laws family are founded in the textile industries of Lancashire.

I have a few famous relatives, although mainly somewhat distant. Check out the Notable People. I hope you enjoy the site.

Please feel free to provide feedback and additional information - after all the main benefit is to find other researchers/relatives.

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